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UMIQ Method

logo_UMIQ2UMIQ – the acronym of Unindustria Metodo Innovazione e Qualità – is a method created to encourage entrepreneurs to bring innovation and quality into their firms. As is implied by the use of the term Management Method, and not Management System like, for example those regarding Quality, as in ISO 9001, or the Environment, as in ISO 14001, it supplies real and effective operative tools, and not prescriptive requirements, and covers all types of firm. If the final objective of the method is, as we said, to bring innovation and quality, it should also be possible to “certify” the achievement of this objective via assessment by an independent, accredited body such as Unindustria. The qualified Unindustria suppliers provide help in identifying areas in need of improvement, devise a plan of action and supply effective tools to implement it. Analysis is a qualified supplier in the area denominated “MANAGEMENT OF ICT INFORMATION AND EQUIPMENT“. In line with the method, QualiWare software offers an IT tool which enables support concerning  the company’s process flow, in particular in the Quality and Safety business areas. In these sectors firms typically use tools like Word and Excel, or home-made databases which are not structured and which don’t fit in with the rest of  the company’s IT system. Analysis offers all firms which decide to go in the direction of implementing the UMIQ method and choose to try out QualiWare to optimize their IT workflows in the fields of  Quality, Safety and Environment, 30 days free trial of the software, including one day of consultancy for installation and basic training in the use of the system. On the subject of ICT, information technologies in support of businesses, Rete ICT, to which Analysis is associated, in its quest to give entrepreneurs help to assess whether their own technological setup is up to scratch, has set up an online assessment tool which covers all company sectors. This is a valuable instrument for assessing and identifying those areas where the company most need to improve by introducing more effective and/or efficient tools. You can access it via this link.