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QualiWare, thanks to its dynamism and flexibility, fits in perfectly with Company requirements in the manufacturing sector,  for which it offers a series of modules, among which are:

  1. management of training (skills acquired, courses attended and work positions held) and security (health checkups, PPE received)
  2. management of check planning on products, at all phases in the production cycle (on supplies, during production and on the end product), in line with the assessment and approval criteria required by ISO standards, plus the possibility of applying the statistical techniques from ISO 2859/1
  3. registration of the results and checks carried out on the products, with lot traceability
  4. management of customer feedback and complaints
  5. management of all non-compliance deriving from checks carried out on products, both from client feedback and complaints, and the consequent handling of corrective and preventive actions 
  6. management of inspections, from the planning stage through to the writing of final reports, with the possibility of creating re-usable checklist models
  7. registration of all costs sustained both for management of the quality system and for other company operations aimed at precisely monitoring the company’s cost dynamics
  8. management of workflow of all company documentation via Web according to ISO 9001, specifications with the possibility of linking any document to other documents or particular registrations loaded into the management system
  9. management of control equipment and tools with planning and registration of interventions and movements
  10. complete management of phases of product repair
  11. management of the information necessary for carrying out assessment of suppliers and internal departments
  12. planning and monitoring of projects and orders, with the possibility of managing also all the documentation regarding each operation in the project, and order fulfillment (technical documentation, modes of performance, work check specifications, etc)
  13. management of company processes in line with the principles introduced in ISO 9001:2000 (Vision 2000), with automatic creation of diagrams and function flowcharts complete with the details of the processes