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Health care

For companies in the healthcare sector, both public and private, QualiWare offers a series of strategically important functions:

  1. management of workflow and all company documentation via Web in accordance with the specifications of ISO 9001, with the possibility to link any document to other documents or particular registrations inserted in management system
  2. management of personnel regarding training (skills acquired, courses attended and responsibilities held) and safety (health checks undergone, PPE received)
  3. management of control equipment and tools, planning and registration of interventions and movements
  4. complete management of checks on supplies
  5. management of notifications and complaints from users
  6. management of any non-conformity revealed either from checks carried out within the company or from notification by the user, and the consequent management of corrective and preventive measures 
  7. management of inspections, from the planning stage through lay out of the final report, with the possibility to create re-usable checklist templates
  8. registration of all costs sustained in the management of the quality system, as well as for other company operations aimed at monitoring precisely the company’s cost dynamics
  9. management of the information needed to carry out accurate assessment of suppliers and internal departments
  10. planning and monitoring projects, with the possibility to manage also all the documentation regarding each activity involved in the project, such as: method of performance, safety regulations, technical documents, etc.
  11. management of company processes, in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 (Vision 2000) principles, with the automatic creation of organization and function charts complete with details of the processes