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Our software has been developed to meet the needs also of consultancy companies and studios, assistance and planning for which  are often neglected by management applications aimed at this sector but which are strategically important  for efficient organization.

In particular QualiWare supports companies in this sector through a series of functions which include:

  1. workflow management of the entire company documentation via Web in line with ISO 9001 specifications, enabling links of any document with any other, or with particular records installed in the management system
  2. registration of all costs sustained both in the management  of quality systems and in other company operations aimed at accurately monitoring the company’s cost dynamics
  3. management of feedback or complaints from clients
  4. management of any issues of non conformity following internal inspections or customer feedback and the consequent management of corrective or preventive actions 
  5. management of inspections, from the planning stage up to the final report, offering the possibility to create re-usable models for lists of issues brought to light
  6. management of information needed to perform accurate assessment of suppliers and internal departments
  7. planning and monitoring of projects, enabling management also  of all the necessary documentation for each of the project’s operations, such as: technical documentation, methods of implementation, work inspection specifications, etc.
  8. management of staff, both with regard to training (skills acquired, courses attended and positions held) and with regard to safety (medical checkups undergone, individual protective equipment assigned)
  9. management of processes, according to the principles introduced by ISO 9001:2000 (Vision 2000), with the automatic creation of workflow charts and function charts complete with details of processes.

Consultancy firms can also use QualiWare to manage documentation produced for its own clients. QualiWare, indeed, offers the possibility to configure independent databases in which all the documentation and reports of the client may be inserted, to then be transferred into the client’s own system.