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The needs of firms in the finance, insurance and banking sectors are generally neglected by ERPs currently on the market. QualiWare has been developed to meet these needs, in the best way possible, offering functions which are essential for optimizing company organization:

  1. managing workflow of all company documentation via Web in accordance with ISO 9001 specifications, and offering the possibility to link any document to other documents or to registrations incorporated in the management system
  2. personnel management, regarding training (skills acquired, courses attended and positions held) and safety (medical checkups undergone, PPE received)
  3. management of feedback and complaints from clients
  4. management of inspections, planning and setting out of final reports, with the possibility of creating re-usable checklist models
  5. registration of all costs sustained in the management of the quality system, as well as other company operations, so as to monitor  company cost dynamicsprecisely
  6. planning and monitoring projects, with the possibility of managing also all the documentation regarding every phase of the project (technical documentation, mode of performance, contracts, etc)
  7. management of company processes in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 (Vision 2000) principles, with  automatic creation of flowcharts and function charts, complete with details of processes