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The italian Framework Law on public works (n. 109/94), the so-called Merloni Law (Legge Merloni), in art. 8.1 states that “those charged with the carrying out of any type of public works must be qualified and must base their work on the principles of quality, professionalism and legality. To the same end, the products, processes, services and Quality systems  employed by these persons or entities are subject to certification in line with current legislation“. Quality certification is therefore an inevitable requisite  for those firms which intend to take part in tenders for public works. 

Order management, from start to finish, passing through the various phases of the project in progress and the management of  a whole series of correlated features (orders, arrival of materials, unloading or movement of materials, conformity issues, documentation, tools and equipment), is one of the vital foundation stones of  a construction company’s operations.

QualiWare is software which is made to measure, flexibile and totally configurabile, which fits perfectly with the needs of firms which operate in building and construction in general. Here is an example of the features most used by companies in this sector sector:

  1. planning and monitoring of projects, with the possibility of managing all the documentation concerning every operation involved in the project (technical documents, implementation methods, safety norms, etc)
  2. management of staff data regarding skills acquired and tasks performed, medical checkups undergone and programmed, individual protective equipment received.
  3. management of the workflow concerning all the company documentazione via Web in line with the specifications of ISO 9001, with the possibility of linking any document to any other document or to particular items registered in the management system
  4. management of control schedules on products at any phase of the firm’s operations (on supplies, during production, or on the finished goods), in line with the assessment and approval criteria required by the ISO norms
  5. management of control equipment and tools with scheduling and registration of actions taken and any movements which have taken place
  6. management of any conformity issues brought to light by internal checks or as a result of client feedback, and the subsequent management of any corrective or preventive actions taken
  7. management of inspections, from the planning stage through to the drafting of the final report, with the possibility of creating re-usable checklists
  8. registration of all costs sustained either in management of the quality system or in the company’s operations for accurately monitoring  the company’s cost dynamics
  9. management of the information necessary to make accurate assessments of suppliers or internal departments
  10. management of company processes in line with the principles introduced by ISO 9001:2000 (Vision 2000), with automatic creation of diagrams and flowcharts complete with process details