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Qualiware adapts perfectly to the needs of companies in the Agrifood sector by means of a series of particularly effective series of functions including:

  1. simplification of tasks concerned with planning and maintenance of the HACCP system
  2. management of  planning of checks on the products during any phase of the agrifood production cycle (on supplies, during production and on the finished product), in accordance with the assessment and approval criteria required by  ISO norms and also offering the possibility to apply ISO 2859/1 statistical techniques
  3. recording of the results of product checks and with lot traceability
  4. management of clients’ feedback and complaints
  5. management of  non conformity which comes to light from inspections of products and feedback from clients, and the consequent management of corrective and preventive measures taken 
  6. management of quality or health inspections, from the planning stage through to the writing of final reports
  7. recording of all costs sustained in the running both of the quality system as well as any other corporate operations  aimed at precise monitoring of the company’s cost dynamics
  8. staff management, regarding training (skills acquired, courses attended and tasks performed) and safety (medical checkups undergone, individual protective equipment received)
  9. management of  equipment and tools for controls with planning and assessment with planning and recording of interventions and movements
  10. management of information needed to accurately assess suppliers and internal departments
  11. workflow management regarding all company documentation via Web in accordance with  ISO 9001 specifications, with the possibility of linking each document to any other or to any particular record inserted in the management system
  12. planning and monitoring of projects and orders, enabling management of all documentation regarding the project or order (technical documents, ways of carrying out activities, control specifications for jobs, etc)
  13. management of corporate processes in compliance with the principals introduced in ISO 9001:2000 (Vision 2000), with the automatic creation of flow charts  and function charts complete with details of the processes involved