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The implementation and maintenance of a Quality, Safety or Environment System in fields which are functionally and strategically very diverse can run into issues which are difficult to handle without a fast, flexible IT tool which lets the user slim down the requirements set out in the ISO regulations and provides for the  constant and secure collection of data, as well as guaranteeing traceability, availability and statistical re-elaboration.

IT management is not only useful for obtaining ISO 9001 o 14001 Certification but also enables the user to organize data in such a way that it is useful and practical to the Company: immediately available, securely stored, with protected access and interventions, graphicssummariesstatistics, all instantly accessible.

QualiWare, software built for the job; flexible and totally configurable, fits in perfectly with the ‘modus operandi’ of the business where it is installed, and this is why it is particularly effective, and performs well, in such different business sectors.