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The voluntary standard SA8000 (Social Accountability International) requires continuous controls of the supplier or all the product supply chain, with the acquisition and maintenance of a very large quantity of information concerning the supplier itself and all connected firms, whether they be sub-suppliers, factories or parent companies. Analysis has developed, starting with their own product for Quality Management, QualiWare, a solution especially created for the management of the data required by these regulations. In more detail, the data managed is: – Supplier information sheet, complete with the information required by SA8000, amongst which, in particular its staff and how it is made up, sub-suppliers used, any connected businessesa preliminary QuestionnaireAudits and non-conformities – Statistical printouts – Support documentation – Supplier Portal for insertion of information directly by the supplier himselfPortal for third party bodies  for the planning and the results of  audits on suppliers. A series of  automatic reminders notify the persons involved in the management of the operations to be carried out regarding the insertion of data (internal users, suppliers, third party bodies).