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Privacy d.lgs. 196/2003

On 1st January 2004 the new Code for Protection of personal data (D.lgs 30 June 2003, n°196) came into force, which stipulates that any person who treats personal and sensitive data must adopt at least basic security measures so as to reduce to the minimum, the risk of the destruction or loss of such data, unauthorized access to it, or its unauthorized treatment or its use in a manner which does not conform to the reason for its collection. Thus anyone who treats personal data – Companies, Professional persons, Cooperatives, Profit and Non-Profit Associations, Public Administration, Schools, Municipalities, Hospitals, Public bodies, etc., or anyone who treats personal data of clients, suppliers, employees, patients, users, members, associates, citizens – must adopt these basic security measures for the treatment of personal, sensitive or judicial data. QualiWare’s documentation model can be used as the tool for an appropriate and simplified management of the documentation, as required by the code. To save the user a considerable amount of time in organizing the document structure Analysis has created the perfect tool, which prepares, totally automatically, the layout of the database document, inserting the appropriate categories of documents and the relative models. The user can therefore concentrate purely on the content, and thus avoids wasting time looking for the model documents to use.