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ISO-TS 16949

ISO-TS 16949 is  ISO 9001’s specific application for firms in the automotive sector (cars, HGV, trucks, motorcycles, etc…) .

The regulation is set out using the text from ISO 9001 (which is highlighted inside a frame) and the text entitled “supplementary requirements” which are typical of the automotive sector. It follows that a firm which wants to comply with this standard must also comply with ISO 9001, though it it is not strictly necessary  to already possess active ISO 9001 certification.

One of the particular features of ISO TS 16949 is the attention given to process and checks as well as to continuous improvement in organization.

ISO-TS 16949 certification is an essential requisite for being re-confirmed in the lists of suppliers of automobile groups in Italy and abroad, it is recognized also by  producers in the US and the far east, and is the preferred qualification also in the award of tenders by some state bodies.

QualiWare enables the appropriate management  of all the regulation’s requirements as it both provides specific modules and because, by using the  Form Designer, it is possible to implement computerized management of the documentation necessary for the system in compliance with the standard.