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Quality ISO 9001

QualiWare ensures complete and effective cover for all ISO 9001 requisites.

The versatility with which the package adapts to the characteristics of the organization in which it will be used makes it ideal for managing  Quality Systems (even those including Safety and Environment) in companies of all sizes and operating in any sector.

Using a tool like QualiWare gives the Quality System all those proactive features which make it an investment rather than a cost for the company. Thanks to the highly-configurable tools for creating templates, queries, indicators and notifications, it is in fact possible to structure both the loading, handling and dissemination of information, which is an indispensable requisite for real computerization of the system, where normally inappropriate tools such as Word or Excel or paper are used.

Furthermore, the new Risk management module looks forwards to the new requirements to be found in the new release of  ISO 9001:2015.