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“We use QualiWare principally for managing Quality documentation. The complexity of our organization, which includes hospitals and other health facilities all over the Province, requires a tool which be used in capillary way, and easily, by our health professionals, who possess different levels of IT competence. The system enables us to manage our documentation more reliably when there are external checks, and offers our health professionals a place where they can share their information and distribute their important documents in practice.” 

Viola Damen – Quality Manager – Ausl Modena

 “QualiWare has saved us a lot of time in the management of documentation and has given us more power and control over our operations. Now information is shared much better amongst the various people involved in processes.”

Mirco Bassani – Quality Manager – Argelli s.r.l.

“QualiWare: an excellent tool, which is indispensable for the day-to-day management of data and documents in compliance with quality regulations; from our point of view it has also proved to be very useful also for handling orders for production and everything connected to documentation. Strong points of the software:  – flexibility and the high degree of  personalization for application in any aspect of production – a very open database with a high degree of integration with other management applications and software already in use in the company. – Regular improvements and updates to keep us abreast of the times. All in all, an excellent product.”

Luca Consonni – Bonanomi Saulle s.p.a.

“QualiWare is software that enables us to manage the company’s entire Quality System (ISO 9001 e ISO/TS 16949), thanks also to the great flexibility of the documentation package, simply, quickly, but at the same time highly effectively. Now nothing escapes our notice…”

Davide Miotto –  Quality Control Manager – Bugatti Autoricambi s.p.a.

“Thanks to QualiWare we can manage the firm’s Documentation in a single system with a very simple and intuitive interface, with immediate traceability of information and visual connection with it.”

Lidia Apolito – Quality Assurance – CEZA s.r.l.

“QualiWare has enabled us, principally, to make available to all our production departments, both within the firm and our overseas suppliers, all product documentation,  eliminating paper and all the issues connected with its disposal. In addition it allows us to manage system documentation and issues of non-conformity pursuant to ISO regulations.”

Augusto Mazzieri –  Quality Manager- CLE NXP s.r.l.

“The flexibility, client personalization and document categories in QualiWare, have given our firm control over all the documentation that the Quality system requires.”

Simone Argenti – Manager of Software Projects Office  – CLEAR s.r.l.

“QualiWare has enabled us finally to handle, tidily and efficiently, all issues of  Non Conformity in our firm. What is special about the software is that it allows prompt communication amongst all the parties involved in the management of Non-Conformity, by means of  really efficient automatic systems (for example the automatic creation of emails with links and pdf in the module). The reporting facilities (tables and graphs) allow intelligent study of the data. What also struck me was the degree of preparation and helpfulness of Qualiware staff at the helpdesk.”

Mirco Stonfer – Quality – Emiliambiente

“Using QualiWare has simplified coordination amongst the staff in the question of safety and security in the Company; in particular regarding controls, QualiWare has enabled us to automate hires, medical checkups, staff training, and use of PPE, ensuring respect of deadlines the persons concerned, allowing us to have complete control of the operations in respect of the obligatory requirements which are imposed on the company.”

Marco Marchetti – Quality Manager- Galletti s.p.a. 

“If we have to say how we use QualiWare I could say that for a year or so we have been able to manage our Quality documentation just as required by the regulations. Furthermore, the program still has a lot to give in the area of implementation and ability to communicate with other software, so it will be able to give us more in the future as a result.”

Andrea Quercioli – Quality Manager – Hiref s.p.a.

“QualiWare has allowed us to organize perfectly the multitude of documents we handle regarding our clients”

Simone Losi – Administration e Resp. Software – L.C.R. Consulting S.r.l. 

“QualiWare has implemented simply and quickly a control and organizational structure which previously was run in a complex and fragmented way”

Claudia Fabbi – Sales Department Assistant – MOSS s.r.l.

“What struck me most about QualiWare was its flexibility. Its capacity to adapt itself to management needs, but most of all its ability to do so 100%. Where. in the past. other methods failed or turned out to be incomplete, QualiWare managed in the shortest time to hit the target spot on.”

Mauro Palmieri – Quality Manager – OLI s.p.a.

 “QualiWare is well-conceived software which has simplified our quality management system. It has been of great help in improving productivity, client satisfaction and the quality of our products. It also provides templates for forms of every type.”

Gianluca Pelatelli –  Quality Manager- SIFIM s.r.l.

“QualiWare not only allows us to manage in a structured way our Quality Safety and Environment Quality System documentation, but also to discipline the information flow from and to our production plant in Tunisia, as well as to our suppliers, via a super-efficient web interface. A particularly interesting feature, in my opinion, is the e-mail notification system which reminds internal users and suppliers of deadlines regarding urgent operations, and also sends them automatically, at prearranged intervals, statistics regarding Quality and Invoicing.”

Gabriele Gianni – General Manager – STEFAL s.r.l.

“Thanks to QualiWare we are able to meet all the requirements of DL 81/08, practically and efficiently, managing training and courses, the supply of PPE and the monitoring of medical checkups and deadlines for every employee, keeping a slim and easily-consultable archive. Naturally, we started to use it for Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and it has helped us to maintain our quality system directly in electronic format and distribute it to all our employees (more than 200), who are to be found in the numerous offices of our various clients, directly via web and getting feedback about how many of them have actually received the updates and how many have not yet done so, without the need for us to go back to our HQ to get this information.”

Ing. Emanuele Panella – Project Manager – Tecno Electric s.r.l.

“Your product, which I first came across, while in the process of applying Quality requirements in my studio, was initially challenging because of the high level of specialization which the accounting program brought with it, especially in a Legal Studio which has a payment regime which is rather particular compared with other types of firm or Professional category. Nonetheless, QualiWare proved to be fundamentally important in providing accounts which are clear and transparent, precise, detailed, secure and ready to be subjected to very thorough revisions and checks. The detailed insertion into your program of the accounts and other information  gave us swift and accurate access to documents, a notable reduction in copying errors of said documents, not to mention a vital guarantee of Secure exchange of all the material sent to or received by the studio. Last but not least, it offers the chance to check, revise and present for the Chief’s approval everything prepared by the secretaries. Thus I am in a position to state that QualiWare has undoubtedly systematically organized my Studio as well as the work of my secretaries regarding legal documents, contributing to a distinct enhancement of the quality of service for my clients and colleagues.”

  Daniela Barigazzi – Head of Law Firm

“A thorough knowledge of  QualiWare IT systems has enabled A.A.C. Consulting systems analysts and quality experts to analyze in advance which functions should be inserted in line with its corporate strategies. Installing Qualiware has enabled us, from the word ‘go’, to develop with precision the Knowledge & Quality Management system in every company department, from back office to event organization, from human resources to the setting up and running of training courses, from Consultancy to the total management of client projects, and, obviously, to comply with Quality and Safety norms. Setting up and training took no time, and this enabled us to be totally up and running in just a few working days, both in the consultancy area and in the Business School. The ease with which we gained ISO9001:2008 certification was thanks both to the efficiency of our internal staff and to Qualiware, which even won us extra praise for the documentary support and the IT tools used. The recent installation of the Qualiware Mobile function has completed the cycle of rapid communication amongst all consultants and teachers.”

 Armando Caroli – CEO

“I work as a work safety consultant (D.Lgs.81/08) with numerous clients. QualiWare has enabled me to organize personal data and document management. Before Qualiware it was untidy and full of mistakes, now everything is clear and easily traceable.”

 Per.Ind. Moreno Monti – Owner