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Strong points

Software solutions are always difficult to compare with each other, and even more so in the case of management applications for Quality, Safety and Environment Systems. QualiWare, however, has several strong points which set it apart clearly and totally from to its competitors:

  • All-in-one; just one single software, with the same interface, for handling all the various functions
  • Modular: a complete set of independent modules, also available singly
  • Flexible: it can be configured totally in line with the customer’s requirements
  • Simple: clear, intuitive, uniform and easy to use
  • Combinable: works in perfect combination with “management” or any other software already being used by the company
  • Mobility: always accessible with a click or a touch, via web, smartphone or tablet
  • Autonomous: independent from the IT system currently being used, it is simply installed, and is up and running in no time!

Qualiware’s super fast  implementation times, as well as the noteworthy selection of configurations offered by its standard module, also make it particularly efficient in terms of ROI (Return on Investment): along with the benefits obtained by using Qualiware (particularly low customer assistance workflow, automatic generation of updates and reports, savings in the use of paper, faster problem resolving, etc), the costs of our solutions are very quickly amortized.