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Cloud version

QualiWare in CloudQualiWare is usable also in Cloud, without the need to install any components or software in your company. This solution is particularly economical for those firms which do not wish to invest in IT infrastructure in order to be ready to use QualiWare, leaving this job to an outside infrastructure which can guarantee high availability of  service and the necessary security systems to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the data.

Analysis offers a service specifically dedicated to those clients who wish to use Cloud. QualiWare is configured on its own special server installed in the infrastructure of an Analysis partner which guarantees constant availability at all moments, as well as the security of any information stored. The client gains access to the application via internet from a PC or mobile device (smartphone or tablet), by way of a  browser or a special app.

The service carries a monthly cost per current user, which also includes the QIS maintenance program, and thus assistance and updating of the software, which is looked after directly by the Analysis Technical Support team.

You can receive information about QualiWare in Cloud from our commercial service.