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The rapid diffusion of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones also offers new opportunities  for business applications. The ability to consult documents and data, and most of all to insert new information acquired outside the workplace, may significantly  increase  the effectiveness of a management system, in particular if it regards the QualitySafety and Environment sectors where the collection of information takes place principally “in the field”.

QualiWare Mobile has been created with the objective of extending to mobile devices the features of QualiWare desktop, offering to users and companies another platform to use the application.

This goal has been achieved, obviously, in full respect of the philosophy which makes QualiWare’s development stand out: that is the mission to transfer to even the latest platforms the features necessary to create new applications, with a version of the Form Designer expressly dedicated to use on the mobile.

apple_badgeUsing an app available for Androids and iOs, and with the support of QualiWare Web Server,it is possible to access all the contents in the QualiWare database (documents, files, printouts) android_english_badge as well as to feed the database itself, creating new documents, moving forwards the workflow of those already there, inserting new elements acquired directly from the device.