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License and assistance


To respond effectively and flexibly to the various needs of firms, and thus to budget for investment in terms of finance available and real requirements, Analysis has structured QualiWare’s price list in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Modular format. QualiWare can be purchased with a selected configuration, including the software modules which are really necessary.

  • Configuration for simultaneous users. It’s possible to access the software from an infinite number of devices. The web interface also provides access to documents and reports from an unlimited number of users, while the capability of editing documents and recordings is available on the number of simultaneous users for which you purchased the license.

Each successive expansion of the configuration, both in terms of modules and the number of licensed concurrent users, can then be activated by the simple delivery of a software key, without any need for costly re-installations or migrations.

To request a quote for your own requirements please fill in the supplied form.


Analysis, as producer of the software, offers its clients the guarantee of qualified, reliable and prompt assistance: we offer software updates continuously, with a wealth of new functions, a forum on the website managed by expert a, qualified technicians who ensure the precision and reliability of the information given, training sessions regarding topics to deepen knowledge of QualiWare, etc.

These services, guaranteed by Analysis’s serious and professional approach, are part of a  specific program of  software maintenance (QIS: QualiWare Improvement Service),which enables the client  to obtain from his particular QualiWare configuration the maximum profit in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.