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QualiWare is a dynamic IT platform which offers an abundant, constantly evolving range of functions for complete control of Quality, Safety, and Environment Document Management. Able to computerize fluxes rapidly and effectively, and eliminating the uncertainty bound to the human factor, QualiWare is the solution which ensures compliance with management systems based on the standards required by, for example, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO-TS 16949.

This is the only software available in independent modules, which are immediately usable, and which adapts perfectly to the specific needs of small operations with few workstations just as it does to complex organizations with hundreds of connected users, even via web or tablet or smartphone. It is available under license for multiple contemporaneous users, it  can be fully integrated with an existing IT system and with all the main ERP systems on the market.

It specializes in the management of models and organizational processes, which vary from company to company. QualiWare is extremely flexible; unlike other software, information is not contained in destructured documents (Word, Excel, PDF), but in real templates, which can be completely customized without having to resort to external development tools. This is thanks to the Form Designer, an exclusive configuration tool which enables the creation of real new application modules to put alongside the standard “ready to use” ones thus expanding the functions.

Versatile and simple top use, its potential use ranges from the Management of Quality Systems to the training of Human Resources, from the Management of content and electronic Documents to that of Production Processes. It even enables the Management the B2B relationship between client and suppler, allowing also external, registered and authorized users access to documents and the sharing of company processes and skills.