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The inspection of incoming materials is an indispensable pre-requisite in the production of high quality articles. The QualiWare Quality Control form for incoming materials ensures the real time synchronization of the list of received products (entered in the ERP software), and provides the operator with all the information needed to cary out the checks and inspections based on approved plans, enabling outcomes and any possible non-conformity to be registered and producing complete reports about the results of what has been happening and the consequent replenishment of the storeroom or warehouse.
The control plan can utilize statistical sampling, as in ISO 2859/1, or non-statistical, as well as automatically vary the intensity of the checks to be carried out, perhaps even going as far as freepass, based on the supply record.

Possibility to importing control plans from the following softwares:

  • SAP QM
  • Q9000
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