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“QualiWare Report Designer” is a powerful tool for building reports based on QualiWare database records.

Reports can be correlated with buttons on the control panel or with queries. In this last case they can be used in dashboards and automatic e-mails.

Available features

  • Creating reports through the specific wizard;
  • Integrated Query Designer;
  • Parameters identification to be prompted to the user;
  • Supports 1D and 2D barcodes, useful for making labels;
  • Supports various types of graphs (bar, line, radar, bubbles, cakes and many others);
  • Supports pivot tables;
  • Capability of Grouping and Sorting items;
  • Splitting reports into sections;
  • Creating calculated fields and formulas even using Visual Basic scripts;
  • Exporting in various formats (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, etc.);
  • Generating reports from queries created with QualiWare Query Designer;
  • Generating reports from forms created with QualiWare Form Designer, to be used as print layouts instead of HTML, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel ones;
  • Report outputs integration in dashboards to generate complex dashboards;
  • Report outputs integration as PDF attachments in e-mails generated by QualiWare Server Daemon.
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