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Reviewing Quality, apart from being an essential requirement for conformity with the standard, is also a key indicator of the company's management balance sheet. The concept of Review is present not only in ISO 9001, but also in ISO 14001 and in OHSAS 18001 as an instrument for regularly verifying actions taken and the planning of those to take for improvement. QualiWare has a specific module for setting out the review as a meeting point for all members of the inter-departmental team who participate, looking after both the communication aspects and those of data management. In fact, it allows you to analyze and transform into real decisions all the information managed using other modules, automatically inserting, inside each revision, all pertinent data, including that of the other indicators defined inside the Company's processes. Available on a Web platform, it lends itself to the maximum sharing and usability also in structures which are organizationally complex.

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