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ISO 9001 Certification

ISO_9001_COL_en 150x131 (sito)Analysis has an ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management System: an important award, which guarantees reliability and security for its clients.

This system uses exclusively QualiWare software within an application articulated for organizations and processes. Sharing this tool, thanks to its ease of use and its attention to the differing needs of the various business functions, encourages day by day dynamic and efficient teamwork both at the horizontal level (in the carrying out of diverse and independent functions) and at the vertical level (in terms of workflow and hierarchy of interventions).

Every process in the Analysis Quality system is the hub of a multitude of activities, documents, resources and performance indicators which, operating through QualiWare (the engine of the whole machine), work in perfectly natural synchrony.

Analysis, ever since it has been in operation, has, obviously, used QualiWare for the management of its own main operations and its own document archives : this has enabled the firm to grow by organizing processes and respecting the cycle of planning – doing – checking – improving; standards upon which ISO 9000 has been based right from the start.

Quality System that works in this way is naturally efficient because it works towards objectives, it plans, it verifies and it evolves, always giving the necessary attention to safeguarding of data and to availability of resources and training.