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The Company

Analysis_logoAnalysis was founded in 1995 near Bologna, by a committed group of ICT and company management experts daily facing new ISO 9001 Quality regulations, now required for all organizations. The solution was clear enough: create a software which was extremely simple and flexible, enabling the automation and streamlining of the company quality management system. And the idea became a reality: QualiWare.

Since then Analysis has been working with businesses, offering an increasingly varied range of products and services, supporting both small businesses and large groups, responding to clients’ specific needs and the dynamics of specific production sectors. Its products have been developed primarily on the Windows platform, available in client/server, mobile and web modes, always in step with changing legislation and technology, constantly increasing the reliability of its services and offering cutting-edge solutions which are efficient and easy to use.

Analysis has grown over the years thanks to the skill and experience of its team of experts, developers, trainers and consultants, establishing a solid partnership with its customers which now number more than 500 all over Italy. A desire to continue to provide expertise, innovation and competitiveness, and to evolve alongside companies in a constantly changing market, is its top commitment and the key to its success.