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QualiWare is proud to have hundreds of installations in client companies of all sizes working  in a variety of sectors, ranging from single-owner firms to small and medium-sized industry, from services and Public Administration to multinational enterprises.

This is because the versatility which makes QualiWare stand apart from its competitors makes it adaptable – in terms of the number of contemporary users and activated modules – to any type of firm.

The wide variety of applications regards not only the sectors our clients operate in (industry, services, health care etc…) but also the applications themselves, which range from management of company quality systems to safety in the workplace, extending to document and human resources management.

Click on the icon below to read what some of our clients say about QualiWare. On request we can also provide some very interesting case studies which testify, better than any other type of commercial document, what can be achieved with our software. Indeed, the best way to know how well software works is to ask someone who already uses it.