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Clients – Studio Legale Barigazzi

“Your product, which I first came across, while in the process of applying Quality requirements in my studio, was initially challenging because of the high level of specialization which the accounting program brought with it, especially in a Legal Studio which has a payment regime which is rather particular compared with other types of firm  or Professional  category. Nonetheless, QualiWare proved to be fundamentally important in providing accounts which are clear and transparent, precise, detailed, secure and have to be subjected to very thorough revisions and checks. The detailed insertion into your program of the accounts and other information  gave us swift and accurate access to documents, a notable reduction in copying errors of said documents, not to mention a vital guarantee of Secure exchange of all the material sent to or received by the studio. Last but not least, it offers the chance to check, revise and present for the Chief’s approval everything prepared by the secretaries. Thus I am in a position to state that QualiWare has undoubtedly systematically organized my Studio as well as the work of my secretaries regarding legal documents and contributing to a distinct enhancement of the quality of service for my clients and colleagues.”

 Daniela Barigazzi – Head of Law Firm