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A.A.C. Consulting

“A thorough knowledge of  QualiWare IT systems has enabled A.A.C. Consulting systems analysts and quality experts to analyze in advance which functions should be inserted in line with its corporate strategies. Installing Qualiware has enabled us, from the word ‘go’, to develop with precision the Knowledge & Quality Management system in every company department, from back office to event organization, from human resources to the setting up and running of training courses, from Consultancy to the total management of client projects, and  obviously to comply with Quality and Safety norms. Setting up and training took no time, and this enabled us to be totally up and running in just a few working days, both in the consultancy area and in the Business School. The ease with which we gained ISO9001:2008 certification was thanks both to the efficiency of our internal and to Qualiware, which even won us extra praise for the documentary support and the IT tools used. The recent installation of the Qualiware Mobile function has completed the cycle of rapid communication amongst all consultants and teachers.”

Armando Caroli – CEO