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Analysis srl for companies

Listening and loyalty are the primary objectives of our daily work. In fact, we believe that the validity of a software is not given only by the functions it possesses or by the technology it uses, but above all by the degree of overall satisfaction of the companies that use it.

Qualiware was born from Analysis to optimize management control

Analysis was born from a team of ICT and business management experts from Bologna, with the aim of creating a simple and flexible software solution to support organizations that deal with Quality regulations every day, automating and optimizing their system. management. From this commitment, QualiWare was born in 1995, to offer client companies a unique and complete solution for the management of regulations and business processes.

Analysis and QualiWare support companies with an increasingly diversified offer of features and services, able to support both small companies and large groups.

Over the years Analysis has grown together with the skills and experience of its team of qualified professionals, developers, trainers and consultants, establishing a solid partnership relationship with its customers: today more than 600 companies throughout the country. Today, as then, we continue to offer expertise, innovation and competitiveness, evolving together with companies and a constantly changing market.

ISO 9001

Analysis has an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Quality Management System: an important recognition, which constitutes a guarantee of reliability and safety for the customer.

This system completely uses the QualiWare software within an application articulated by entities and processes: the sharing of the instrument, thanks to its ease of use and adherence to the different needs of the various functions, promotes daily dynamic team work and efficient both horizontally (in carrying out different and independent functions) and vertically (in compliance with workflows and hierarchies of interventions) Each process of the Quality Analysis System is the center of a range of activities, documents, resources, performance indicators which, operating through QualiWare (engine of the whole machine), work in perfect naturalness and synchrony.Analysis, from the very beginning of its activity, has obviously used QualiWare to manage its main activities and its document archive: this has allowed company to grow by organizing itself by processes and respecting the planning cycle alization – verification – improvement on which the ISO 9000 standards have been based since their origin.

A Quality System that works in this way is naturally efficient because it works towards objectives, plans, checks and evolutions, always having the necessary attention to data protection and the availability and training of resources.


Analysis has always collaborated with an ecosystem of specialized Partners to offer companies the best services and guarantee the highest performance. We are always on the lookout for new partners able to support customers’ business activities and go beyond compliance management, stimulating trust and discussion. In fact, for Analysis, the personal relationship with its customers is the essential principle for the success of a project. Discover all our Partners and join us.

SAP Crystal Reports Partner

Analysis is SAP Partner for the expertise on SAP Crystal Reports, a market leading tool for the development of reports, whose runtime has been integrated in QualiWare since the first version released in 1995.

Thanks to this powerful tool, developers and customers can create high quality and easy to maintain reports, which can be previewed on the browser or exported to the most common formats such as PDF, Word, Excel.

Analysis makes its expertise on SAP Crystal Reports available to its customers, to assist them in the modification of the standard QualiWare reports or in the creation of new ones, offering a specific training service on the job to enable users to operate independently by drawing the maximum profit from the tool.

Libro digitalizzare un'impresa

Digitizing a business

Analysis has always operated on the basis of a vision, that of our founder and CEO, Eng. Pier Alberto Guidotti, who, in his thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur and information systems expert, has understood that if the introduction of digital technologies in a company must be done respecting certain criteria ranging from sharing solutions to involving staff, passing through a strong motivation of the Management. Without these elements, digitization projects are doomed to fail, or, at best, to turn out to be the so-called “bloodbath”.

Analysis consultants take all of this into consideration both in the initial analysis of the solutions and in the implementation phase.
This allows us to develop applications that meet customer requirements, on schedule and, above all, to the satisfaction of users.

Eng. Pier Alberto Guidotti wanted to make all his experience available in a book. This is not the usual computer science text for computer scientists, but a manual that the author has defined “ICT survival” intended for both entrepreneurs and computer scientists themselves, to help both categories find the key to the tangle business digitization process.

The book is available in bookstores and on Amazon.

Work with us

We are always looking for new professional figures and resources to expand our projects and our skills