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QIS program

The QIS (QualiWare Improvement Service) program is Analysis’s response to the request for support and technological “tweaks” to QualiWare.
The key to  its success actually lies in providing our Clients with the tools which enable software updating on a constant basis and the necessary support for its optimal use.

The QIS service includes  a help-desk, updating software and provides the Client who subscribes annually with the following features:

  • all QualiWare updates;
  • all the additions and improvements deriving from tested solutions and invalidated in the most diverse types of firm, which show themselves to be widely useful in other types of business situations
  • Priority Help-Desk: an assistance service with guaranteed priority, which ensures direct advice from an Analysis technical expert promptly and for an unlimited number of requests;
  • Prompt updating  on new functions; on updating the client will receive training in new items for the release installed, in order to be able to maximize profit from the investment made;
  • special discounts for the customizing of software, training courses and any technical interventions not already in guarantee;
  • QualiWare Academy: free participation in seminars and periodically organized  events;
  • Membership of the technical forum.