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Clients subscribed to our QIS  program are entitled to prompt and expert assistance (within 8 working hours) for any kind of software issue.

Our assistance service is available at the following times, excluding public holidays:

from Monday to Friday
09.00  –  13.00 / 14.00  –  18.00.

you can contact us at
+39 051 705598
or assistenza@qualiware.it

Before contacting assistance we suggest that first you try to repeat the procedure that led up to the problem appearing, ensure that it can be reproduced. We also advise you to note down precise information regarding what happened, “photographing” the error message and the screen by pressing the PRINT key. This should then all be included in the assistance request message which can be automatically generated by QualiWare.

It is also possible to receive assistance online on your own PC, from Analysis’s expert technicians.