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Get faster to Compliance.

Speed. Clarity. Safety. Three essential prerogatives, for those who want to be more competitive in the new market. Three essential prerogatives, which we have placed at the center of our design philosophy, to support companies and accelerate compliance with mandatory and voluntary regulations. Thanks to its flexible structure, QualiWare improves every information flow. With immediate effects: time savings, quality of work and guarantee of compliance. 

Responsabile Qualità che gestisce le ISO e le risorse umane con il miglior software Qualità, Sicurezza e Ambiente in Italia

3 ways to define QualiWare.

Why do you buy QualiWare for your company.

Alert Audit


Thanks to the Server Daemon module you can update your data in real time, receive deadline alerts and import external files, with the highest level of security for your database.


Through the SQL Query module you can query the system at any time, to extract all the information you need, in full autonomy and without contacting the IT department.

Creare query per estrapolare i dati
Report sugli Addestramenti


By modulo Report Designer you can design, customize and build your reports, with an intuitive and captivating graphic design, always in a simple and autonomous way.


Practically QualiWare.

Do you want to discover QualiWare and find out how it accelerates compliance within your company? Our consultants are at your disposal: request your demo now.