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QualiWare Academy


QualiWare is not just a prepackaged tool consisting of rigid templates whose specifications have been defined in advance; it also offers its users functions which enable them to configure new applications, whether it be the graphic interface for data input or data base searches for the processing of collected data, amongst many others.

To make the best use of QualiWare and get the highest return from the investment made, it is necessary to have the right skills in the use of the tools provided by the software.

In order to give  the necessary training to those the people in our clients’ companies who handle the management  and growth of the QualiWare system, as well as providing training and on-site tutoring in the client’s company, we have created the QualiWare Academy. This is a system of events and free courses (including Webinars), exclusive to clients who are subscribed to our QIS maintenance contract, which is aimed at enriching their knowledge of QualiWare modules and QualiWare System Tools, to achieve the highest possible level of configurability of the software.

The courses are run exclusively by highly qualified technicians and and examine practical situations and case histories. They will be held on Fridays from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. and will deal with the most interesting and current topics about QualiWare.

QualiWare Academy Programme- 2016

04/02 – “Processes and risks Module”
25/02 – “The new Grid Management of Form designer”
22/03 – “Form Designer”
21/04 – “QualiWare and the Quality Management”

On May 12th, in Bologna, will be held the annual Qualiware OPEN HOUSE event.