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More and more educational bodies, such as Schools and University Departments  are deciding to develop a system for Quality Management compliant with ISO 9001, as a tool and as a guarantee to ensure the very best use of resources and maximum efficiency in the services it offers to their students.  QualiWare, which is flexible and totally configurable, is easy to use in both public and private schools, particularly thanks to its having the following functional features:

  1. management of documentation workflow via Web in compliance with ISO 9001 standards, offering the possibility of linking any document to any other documents and to particular registrations loaded into the management system
  2. personnel management, regarding training (skills acquired, courses attended  and work positions held) and safety (medical checkups undergone, PPE received)
  3. management of control equipment and instruments with planning and registration of interventions and movements
  4. management of customer feedback and complaints
  5. management of all  non-conformity issues deriving from internal inspections customer feedback and the consequent management of corrective and preventive actions 
  6. management of inspections, from the planning stage through to the writing of final reports, with the possibility of creating re-usable checklist templates
  7. registration of all costs sustained both in the management of the quality system and regarding other company activities aimed at precisely monitoring  the firm’s cost dynamics
  8. management of the information necessary to carry out accurate assessment of suppliers and internal departments
  9. project planning and monitoring, with the possibility of managing all the documentation concerning each project operation (manner of performance, safety standards, technical documentation, etc)